Thursday, August 7, 2008

Batmans Been Cancelled!

Yes everyone, the cats out of the bag. We have CANCELLED the batman series we currently had running. But dont fret! We are replacing it! Remember that big prject weve been calling the annual all this time? Well now thats episode one. This video is too good to just be a one time thing so we are making a series out of it. TRUST ME. Itll be bigger, better, the villains will be potrayed better, and the episodes will interlock very little so you dont have to worry about confusing backstories. This is going to be good. If you wanna know the rest of the series or want a copy of the episode 4 script sent to you, send us the request via youtube in MESSAGE FORM. Please if you wanna read the script, dont copy it or we will have to report you cuz i HATE IT when people steal my work. Yes, its stealing. I worked days on it. Anyways... The first episode is obviously joker. The working title for the series is "Batman: The Dark Avenger" but nothing is set in stone yet. If you would like to submit and idea for a title feel free to do so in message form. Vote in the latest polls with what you think. But for this one fans opinions really dont matter...we are pressing on with the new series anyway. trust me, its going to be great. And i am happy to announce 100 subscriber and also, on August 3rd was our one year "anniversery" of making videos on youtube. Thank you all so much for a year of subs and good comments and keep em comin'! We hope to entertain many more people this time around and hopefully one day soon become partner so we can use the ectra money for sets and stuff. So thank you all. And our new goal is 150 subs so please... SUBSCRIBE! -J.W.B.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well folks...the annual has turned out to be AAALOOT bigger than expected. Its not even into the whole final battle sequence and its a whopping 9:58 seconds! And it is without a doubt our most complicated and best animation yet. The voices are a little dodgy and you see my fingers in the shot...twice i think was my last count but really its a good one. But because of its length, its going to have to be in two parts unless youtube is nice to me. im going to finish the whole thing and then release a trailer and then upload it to a site called to be reviewed and so it can be in one piece and then i will upload it in two parts on youtube. With the release of the trailer there will also be a very important announcement that will be changing the name "Annual #1" to somthing a little different but we will get to that bridge soon enough. I just need till next weekend and i will be done with it. Its really good, trust me. I think its even up with the ranks of KowisAnimations if that is his new account name (im used to JasonX80) So vote in the poll, and I will be releasing a trailer in a few days. Seeya.