Thursday, September 3, 2009

NEW Rest-of-the-year PLAN

Okay so I was filming Caped Crusader episode 3...and I decided I was having absolutely no fun doing it. I started to do some tests on paint...and I decided I was having absolutely no fun using it. So I did some research on some animation programs, because I desperately need somthing new. I am sick of batman and stop-motion, and sick of all the effort of MS paint. Finally thanks to a tip by Aaron Quinn (see the link to his channel on mine, fantastic videos!) I finally found an animation program I totally 100% want. The name? Toon Boom Studio 5. The problem? Its sort of 400 bucks, 300 when its on sale. So I asked the parents, and I am gonna save up for some of it because I feel like I should and I am gonna get it for -drum roll please- CHRISTMAS! Yay! So now because I am just sick of all the animating and want this Toon Boom so bad, I am just gonna take a nice break, get used to school once it starts up (gross!) and relax. AND I will be doing some logo work here and there if you need it. ASK FIRST. It is not guarenteed I will say yes every time. My first logo will be for Coopthecougar15 (Its almost done! Sorry its taken so long!). THEN once Thanksgiving comes, I am going to film Christmas Carol in like two or three parts, much less than the last ones, and release it asap. Then I take a quick Christmas break, get Toon Boom test it out, then January is my after-christmas christmas movie "Big Blue" the sequel to "The Forgotten Ornament". So once Christmas flashes by, I am going to be using Toon Boom for quite awhile and THEN I will get back to batman. Thanks everyone for the support and most importantly SUBSCRIBE! :-)