Friday, September 18, 2009


We are taking a break everyone, I will release a short halloween cartoon in October and then we will take a good two to three week break before starting work on our Christmas Carol remake, then The Forgotten Ornament sequel in January, and THEN hopefully I PRAY that I will have Toon Boom, and I will begin working on my HUGE original cartoons. The First will be the first episode of a Haunted Mansion mini series, which will be based on the Disneyland/World attractions backstory. Then I will be working on a project currently titled "The Air Pirates" and then either the next motion comic, or "The Rabbit at the Corner". That is our current plan, we hope you like it. Just stick around and DONT UNSUB. Just because we havent made videos in over a week doesnt mean "oh well then I guess its an unsub then". We are just TAKING A QUICK BREAK. Just started highschool, so give us a break for trying to get used to it. Until then, STAY SUBBED and watch our old videos at Thank you!