Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween animation status and more:

Hey people! Halloween animation is going great! I have the music all edited, and its more than half way edited and animated. It SHOULD be up next weekend! In fact, I am animating it right now! :-) After that I will begin the EARLY EARLY planning stages of the Christmas animations, including a script for Big Blue and getting figures and such lined up for Christmas Carol. If they come out with figures for the new Jim Carrey movie consider it 100% that I will attempt to get them all and use them. If not, there is still a CHANCE I might switch to doing Nutcracker, but nothings set in stone yet. Still waiting for what I am in the mood to do. But Halloween is going good and I hope to get that new animation program for christmas and all the 2-D projects I have lined up will get done. Soooo thats about it! Thanks and remember: STAY SUBBED! :-)