Saturday, March 13, 2010

Music Videos, Poppets, The Moon, and other Things

Hello everyone. Here's the current animations and news!

1. I am currently in collaboration with Lisa Snellings, an artist and creator of the Poppets, interesting and mysterious creatures who have been here on Earth for a few years, but in the universe for many. You can purchase your very own Poppet here

2. Also, I have two animated music videos in production that are on hold until the poppet animation is complete. One is an oldies type music video called "It Don't Mean a Thing" and the other is an Alice in Wonderland music video, with music from the new movie. Its basically the book in five minutes time.

3. This summer I have an animation coming out called "The City Behind the Moon". I cant tell you more, but guess what it's about.

4. Once ALL of that is done, I will take a short break for a month or two, to have time to continue to learn how to use my new animation program. I do think I will continue to animate Poppets throughout that time though. I thoroughly enjoy animating and drawing them. It feels more like fun than work. :-D