Friday, July 31, 2009

Cartoon Network and other things.

HELLO. I have some very sad news.
Cartoon Network has officially turned to garbage. I never, ever, even in the bakc of my mind at any point in my life EVER imaged CARTOON NETWORK to EVERR (!!!) Broadcast...LIVE ACTION SHOWS. that SUCK! I mean, I would be fine if wasl ive action with cartoons MIXED in. But this stuff? TRASH. Absolute garbage. What happened to you Cartoon Network? What happened? The FANTASTIC olden days of Dextars Lab and Samurai Jack have vanished without a trace and have been replaced by...TRASH! STUPID kids looking for ghosts! NO! I mean, ghosts are cool, I am a semi-believer, BUT THIS ISNT LEGIT! Its just kids going into a basement hearing normal bumps and sounds! Its INSANE! I despise. Absolutely DESPISE the new Cartoon Network. What. the. HELL?!! CARTOON. Thats the big word in the CHANNEL's NAME!!!! Not REAL. CARTOON!!!!!!!!!!! I am so angry with this channel. I have not even so much as LOOKED at the channel in weeks. I am disgusted. Bad move cartoon network. very, VERY, VERRYYY BAD move. Nick too, I mean, I think that channel made a wrather good transition into sitcoms and live action. It ALWAYS had live action. But man, now its BAD. You cant turn that channel on without seeing Spongebob or iCarly. Thats ALL they play. What about the OLD SHOWS?!!? Legends of the Hidden Temple, Finders Keepers, All That. PLEASE! ANYTHING ELSE! T.V. SUCKS right now. I cant stand it. Disney Channel. I expect better, but of the three they are doing the best to me right now. At least they somewhat DIVERSIFY! I mean, that Wizards of Waverly place is really pushing it but man. Nick and Cartoon Network...where have you gone...

R.I.P. Cartoon Network.

P.S. I am now supporting this anti real life show thing for Cartoon Network. I posted the support pic. Look it up. Its on youtube.

ALSO...I might be changing ALOT of stuff in my animation schedule. Maybe even a....cancellation. I am so sorry. But my brain is just...too stressed for all that stuff. I need some relief.