Saturday, August 7, 2010

City Behind the Moon!

Hey everyone. I am currently working on a new anime/sci fi adventure cartoon called "The City Behind the Moon"

It's very futuristic and what not.

Right now, it's almost a minute and thirty seconds long. I expect it to be around five to six minutes long. It's getting done at an unusually quick rate. Will be uploaded by the end of August!

Sorry for not as many posts on the jwbstudios channel. I have been Poppet crazed! :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Night

I am in space for 30 seconds at a time on Summer Nights. Floating. Flipping. Turning. Twirling. All in slow motion. Space. Outer space. Then the feeling begins to wane. I push it, the mirror surface wripples...then I am above the water of the pool, gasping for air. I love swimming on summer nights. I watch the blurry sparkling stars without my glasses on. The sky is a television, light images from the past coming to our eyes. It takes a long time for light from the stars to reach Earth. Such a strange place.

I float around some more. The blue light was on, making waves of blue move around on the pool floor. This makes me more excited for the arrival of Master Blue poppet. I can ask him about the blue light and how it works. I assume he know much about all that is blue. I think I will ask him first about the sky.

Before I went in the pool I lit the tiki torches and bug fires, and read Neil Gaimans "Neverwhere" by candle light. It was very peaceful but mosquitos kept invading despite the candles...I get the feeling often that they don't even work...

Well, either way, it was nice. I enjoyed it. I rescued a cricket that was drowning in the pool...but when I put him down I went to put my glasses on (they were already off, I was ready to go in) and he was gone....I get the feeling he will pay me back in the future in one way or another. I'll post when I think the debt has been paid.

After the pool I sat for awhile and just watched the sky...waited for a few stars to become present. Then I went inside, got pajamas on. Mind is clear, headaches gone, time to relax further and watch a movie with some popcorn and iced tea. Tonight has been my ideal Summer Night.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Summer is almost here. Tomorrow is the last full day of school, then two half days for testing. Then I will begin work on the 'Moon' animation, set for an August release at this point. I still need to start writing it...

The correct time to start the script hasn't quite presented itself yet. It will soon I think. Timing is everything. If I start a script when the idea isn't ripe enough in my head, it begins to spoil and then I don't feel like animating it anymore. Making animations is a very delicate process.

In the mean time I started working on a short 30 second ongoing animation that should be done soon...its a new Poppet animation featuring the "The End is Nigh" Poppet. It will have a meaningful message in it somewhere.

The Moon animation will utilize something I would never touch, normally. Techno music. I have been exploring the hideous world of hypnotic computerized songs and found one I like...but the animation will mostly consist of simple free downloadable loops edited together to avoid copyright claims. If only people would share their work, always. No matter. Thats about all for now...have a nice day. ^_^

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Direction.

I am taking this blog in a new direction. I will post more often. I will divide posts about official things and my own thoughts. The Poppet animation is done. I am very pleased with it. Lisa liked it, which was my main goal. The Poppets must be animated right or not animated at all! I got a surprise the other day, I asked author Neil Gaiman to watch, just to see what would happen. He saw it. He liked it. Made my day. Getting good response overall. If you havent already seen it, I posted a video with the link to a new channel I made for the Poppets, only. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recent Developements.

SO. I am still in collaboration with Lisa Snellings, "Poppet Conducts and Orchestra" will be released soon. Animation is about...hmm. Sixty percent done? I have the music already edited, I have the sounds, I just need to record me whistling and finish animation and I am pretty done. THEN I am going to finish "It Don't Mean a Thing", the meaningful music video set to the song of the same name and takes place in the 30's/40's.
After that I may do light work with Alice in Wonderland, nothing special or guarenteed, but I will be most interested in the next real animation "The City Behind the Moon". Its about a boy who gets transported to the moon, and finds there is a CITY behind it. He meets a local city girl, who helps him try to find a way back home to Earth and they both run into the head of the Lunar Police Force, a robot, and he doesn't like them very much. So now it becomes a race against the clock to get the boy back to earth, or be jailed or worse by the corrupt robotic police officer who will stop at nothing to stop these law breakers. It's due to be released aroundthe anniversery of the real first steps on the moon in July.
After that it will APPEAR we are on hiatus but I will be getting started on the Halloween animations set for October releases. One will be a music video of the Haunted Mansions theme song "Grim Grinning Ghosts", animated to my interpretation of the Haunted Mansion attraction in Walt Disney World Resort.
The other Halloween animation is my next planned Poppet animation, " Poppet Sees a Ghost". But everything about it could change, its very up in the air at the moment. More updates will be released about it as they come along. Tomorrow I hope to release a poster for the current one "Poppet Conducts and Orchestra" so get ready! :-D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Music Videos, Poppets, The Moon, and other Things

Hello everyone. Here's the current animations and news!

1. I am currently in collaboration with Lisa Snellings, an artist and creator of the Poppets, interesting and mysterious creatures who have been here on Earth for a few years, but in the universe for many. You can purchase your very own Poppet here

2. Also, I have two animated music videos in production that are on hold until the poppet animation is complete. One is an oldies type music video called "It Don't Mean a Thing" and the other is an Alice in Wonderland music video, with music from the new movie. Its basically the book in five minutes time.

3. This summer I have an animation coming out called "The City Behind the Moon". I cant tell you more, but guess what it's about.

4. Once ALL of that is done, I will take a short break for a month or two, to have time to continue to learn how to use my new animation program. I do think I will continue to animate Poppets throughout that time though. I thoroughly enjoy animating and drawing them. It feels more like fun than work. :-D

Thursday, January 28, 2010

THE AIR PIRATES: Nearing completion and coming soon!

Hi everyone. I present to you the first poster for : THE AIR PIRATES!!

I expect it to be out this weekend, or during the week at the latest. It is pretty rad so far. Here are some of the firsts for animations of mine in this one project:

FIRST walkcycle

FIRST free camera movements

FIRST 3-D plane panning

FIRST running cycle

FIRST rotoscoping shot

FIRST real multi soundtrack animation with dozens of sounds and voices

FIRST project with a plot to use score music that does NOT belong to Batman or Spider-man


So everyone, be on the lookout for this project. It's literally going to be my best and most original animation so far. THESE are the animations you can expect from J.W.B. in the future.