Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey everyone!! I am so glad you all like the new series!!!! We are getting great reception and I myself am extremely satisfied with it so far. I hope to soon hold auditions (for batman specifically because my batman voice sucks, lol) soon. Possibly even next episode, but nothing is totally official yet but if you have been looking to audition be on the lookout for opening parts. OUR SCHEDULE:
Over the summer we hope to release quite a few animations. Here is the complete list of what we hope to accomplish:

(The following is in the order we hope to do it but is not currently official as of yet)

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (part one)
2. Caped Crusader episode 3
3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Lions head
4. Caped Crusader episode 4
5. A Short yet to be named Star Wars animation
6. Caped Crusader episode 5 (season finale) (Movie Masters Joker!!)
7. Spiderman Comic Animation (in the works for almost a year. Very hard, I will be working on this inbetween all the projects and hope to be done last, You can see a sneek peek pic down below, I am animating Amazing Fantasy 15's first Spidey appearance)

So that's our summer schedule! If you have any disagreements, questions, or concerns just message me or leave a comment on my channel by clicking the link at the top of the page. That's about it for now! I am also planning to update this site alot more. I will tell you when it is updated on my channel. Thanks guys for all your support and kind words, and also, Subscribe!! I want to be partner so I can get paid and get some more figures for the animations!! Every subscription counts!