Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hey everyone. Umm...I have a few announcements, and questions for you guys. First of all. I am going a little crazy. What I dont like is...we arent really "On our feet". We three here at J.W.B. Studios have no idea where we are at video wise. What desperately would like is a small cozy action packed series I can work on whenever I want and its all cool, wrather than using up ALL of our energy to make one big thing which is what DA is. And we have made a few mistakes DA wise. So heres what the plan is right now. DA is only going to be three to four episodes. Then we are going to end it with a two part 20 minute movie featuring the Movie Masters Joker. Then its gone. Then after that series is gone I want to start fresh with a series using the "The Batman" figures. Now, what about spiderman? Well I have a feeling Spidey is going to sink soon. I have really lost my taste for spidey right now. So I think it will be semi-cancelled soon and will be replaced with the J.W.B. Motion comics. This is the ORIGINAL spidey comics but we ANIMATE it. bubbles are gone, mouths move, things move, ect. So now it will soon be "The J.W.B. The Batman Series" (working title) and "The Amazing Spiderman Motion Comics" series. I see this solution as "the light at the end of the tunnel" and I want to get there ASAP. Like....Before next summer I want episode 1 of the new series out. So as of now, we are trying to get started on DA ep. 2 and are working diligently on the first Motion Comic. I hope you all understand our predicament. Please PLEASE PLEASE!!! Vote on what you think. I truely need to know. Thanks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The secret animation is.......

OKAY! So about 70% of you voted yes on the revealing of the secret animation and it isss...


I directly took the comic book, took pictures of ALL the boxed and dialogue, and was able to use paint to animate the mouths moving, remove the bubbles, and move some stuff. Look below for a direct example of my handy work for this animation. Its really good so far.

Batman Dark Avenger episode 2 is in the works! We are hoping to start filming soon! We pray it meets the standards of the first episode. It might take a bit to make because school is a major damper on the "J.W.B. Schedule"

The Spiderman series will start up again next spring. We want to sandman episode to take place outside, and sand and snow DO NOT mix, so we are waiting till after winter.

And, once part 1 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is done, i will make a preview and put up a new poll asking if you want it uploaded or not. If not, than the whole thing disapears and the preview is gone and you never have to hear of it again, so those of you who dont want it, that'll be good for you, if not vote when the previews out!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Latest Updates

1. Batman Dark Avenger Episode 2 is in "pre-production" stages. We are working out the script bugs and what not. It will be out by December hopefully.

2. That "SECRET ANIMATION" I have been working so hard on for awhile now is set to come out somtime in November. I am still thinking weather i want to reveal what it is yet or if I should in the POLL >>>>>

3. The Christmas Animation is also being somewhat worked out as Christmas draws ever so closer. I am hoping its going to be good. It may include a BONUS ANIMATION after the credits featuring "The Zoo Animals" sing the chipmunk song. "The Zoo Animals" if you havent realized by now are those little animal statues in nearly all the animations. Vote if you want it in the POLL>>>>>

4. This January I will be animating the story "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" for my cousin and myself. It will be based on the book and the movie by Tim Burton which is based on the book. :-). As of now I wont be uploading it, but if you want me to upload it VOTE IN THE POLL>>>>>>>>

5. I moved the Gotham set to the corner of the room its usually in, and i also cut it into a smaller size so it doesnt take up as much space as it did, so PLEASE, no dumb comments speculating it next time the change is in a video. I purposely put little easter eggs in most videos, but dont go that in depth with it.

Thats about it for today folks! SUBSCRIBE!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Todays News....

Hey everyone. Some new news is in so here goes!

1. We are buisy workin on spidey ep. 5 and hoping to make it look okay! The special effects and fighting is amazing we are just hoping the story pulls out. We are half way done with lines and sounds and then we just need music. It will definetly be released on its promised date September 26th but in the event it cannot be posted I will be sure to alert everyone.

2. The script for Dark Avenger episode 2 is done. So is the christmas animations script. And the J.W.B. animated series of batman is in the testing stages.......And indiana jones is being filmed. Lots of stuff going on. Cant wait for that break! heh....

3. The script for Dark Avenger....i predict a very good episode. Though i will warn you guys theres a scene thats exactly like the truck flipping scene in the dark knight (with the penguin different puns and vehicles) and i didnt realize it till quite recently so dont even say a thing about it. I already know. It was an accident. But the animation cant go without it so bear with me.

4. The testing stages for the batman animated series are goin good. This villain will be Two-Face. It will have a different feel than the first. Hope it turns out good!

5. The Christmas Animation has a release date of December 5-24th. We arent positive yet. Well know in November.

Hope that updated you guys some more!



Friday, September 5, 2008


Hey guys. It's been awhile so theres lots of stuff to say. First. The official release date of Episode 5 of spiderman is September 26th which is, as a few fans may or may not know, the anniversery of episode one. Wow! A year for five animations! yeesh. Well it's been worth it i suppose along with batman...speaking of which! I think possibly maybe Dark Avenger Episode 2 will be released October 22nd, the anniversery of Batman Episode 1. BUT! If it isnt done by then I will put pop up revealing mistakes and behind the scenes talk for one week using the popup thing on youtube on that date. Next order of business. Movie Masters Joker came! He's awsome! Definetly expect him as a...REPLACEMENT moohahahahaaa (you'll find out later on). Next....OH YEAH! Theres a cartoon out. It's a complintary series to Dark Avenger. Watch it! PLEASE! Vote in the poll right there. I need to know if its worth continuing. AND FINALLY: I know its awhile away, but Novembers right after October and Christmas Seasons gonna PLEASE when the times right check out our rendition of Christmas Carol. It needs the viewer help and its really quite good when your in the christmas spirit. And this december i am releasing another Christmas Special about a forgotten ornament. Please check that out when it comes around. And Iron Man is shevled and Indiana Jones has to be done next summer because its already getting sort of chilly out here. not the sort of weather Indiana is usually seen in. I think thats about it for now. Until next update, SUBSCRIBE!!! -J.W.B.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Batmans Been Cancelled!

Yes everyone, the cats out of the bag. We have CANCELLED the batman series we currently had running. But dont fret! We are replacing it! Remember that big prject weve been calling the annual all this time? Well now thats episode one. This video is too good to just be a one time thing so we are making a series out of it. TRUST ME. Itll be bigger, better, the villains will be potrayed better, and the episodes will interlock very little so you dont have to worry about confusing backstories. This is going to be good. If you wanna know the rest of the series or want a copy of the episode 4 script sent to you, send us the request via youtube in MESSAGE FORM. Please if you wanna read the script, dont copy it or we will have to report you cuz i HATE IT when people steal my work. Yes, its stealing. I worked days on it. Anyways... The first episode is obviously joker. The working title for the series is "Batman: The Dark Avenger" but nothing is set in stone yet. If you would like to submit and idea for a title feel free to do so in message form. Vote in the latest polls with what you think. But for this one fans opinions really dont matter...we are pressing on with the new series anyway. trust me, its going to be great. And i am happy to announce 100 subscriber and also, on August 3rd was our one year "anniversery" of making videos on youtube. Thank you all so much for a year of subs and good comments and keep em comin'! We hope to entertain many more people this time around and hopefully one day soon become partner so we can use the ectra money for sets and stuff. So thank you all. And our new goal is 150 subs so please... SUBSCRIBE! -J.W.B.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well folks...the annual has turned out to be AAALOOT bigger than expected. Its not even into the whole final battle sequence and its a whopping 9:58 seconds! And it is without a doubt our most complicated and best animation yet. The voices are a little dodgy and you see my fingers in the shot...twice i think was my last count but really its a good one. But because of its length, its going to have to be in two parts unless youtube is nice to me. im going to finish the whole thing and then release a trailer and then upload it to a site called to be reviewed and so it can be in one piece and then i will upload it in two parts on youtube. With the release of the trailer there will also be a very important announcement that will be changing the name "Annual #1" to somthing a little different but we will get to that bridge soon enough. I just need till next weekend and i will be done with it. Its really good, trust me. I think its even up with the ranks of KowisAnimations if that is his new account name (im used to JasonX80) So vote in the poll, and I will be releasing a trailer in a few days. Seeya.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hey, hi, howdy, everyone! I have a couple of HUUUGGEE updates...

1. Once season 1 of all our series's are finished...we are taking an extended leave of one to two months....becuase making animations, believe it or not, are really hard to make good at the pace we are moving once its all done....we will be POOPED! And plus school will be starting up and blah blah blah, and i am also a bit of a story writer and i havent been able to write a real story in about a year (since we took up the animation business) and i really need some time to get some of my made up ideas on paper...and perhaps animated...but thats a different story...
2. When we come back, series's won't start right away...we will release some sort of preview for both and then we will kick it all off with Iron Man, Indiana Jones, and the Annual, but we think itll be released earlier than that. Perhaps our last animation before the break...And we wont be able to use the movie masters joker because they are so expensive and they are being recalled....So we are using the joker figure from the Long Halloween. I have a poll about what you guys think about that so feel free to vote. Your opinion matters greatly.
3. I have got a SUPER secret animation in the making as I speak...and i think it'll blow you guys'll be coming out in a month or so...It's a good one...and its REALLY hard to do so yea...its's good...I am definatly releasing a preview of it.
4. When we take our break we won't totally detach from youtube. I'll still check up on it. It's not like im not logging into the account at don't anyone be worried or anything. And Batman Episode 4 is also in the works...heres the task list:

Batman Episode 4:
Script: almost done
Filming: not started
Voices: not started
Music: not started

Its not really as far along as I just though but its coming along pretty good. I hope to release it in one to two weeks.

Well thats about it for now folks...lotta good stuff coming along...hope you all enjoy and OH!
I forgot to say...we have a goal to reach 100 subscribers by the end of summer so help us out and....



Sunday, June 29, 2008

Symbiotic Situation is up and running!

Check it out! And next up is Spider-Man Episode 5: VENOM. Hope everyone likes it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Batman Episode 3 is up!!

It is up on youtube everyone! Have a look on my youtube page. And a new poll is available to vote on. Today i am updating the site with exclusive pics of the Indiana Jones set and other things including behind the scenes funnies. And videos will be coming out MUCH faster because we have a new system of making vids (procedure). For the record, we used this new method for episode 3 of batman and it was actually filmed and completed in TWO DAYS! The whole 7:40 minutes was done in two days. Next video to be made is Spiderman Episode 4: A Symbiotic Situation. Then Batman Ep. 4: Too Many Questions featuring the Riddler! We hope to finish season 1 of both series's before school starts again. Dont forget to vote on the new poll. your opinion counts!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Episode 3 Almost complete and More...!

Episode 3 is almost done. Heres the task list:

Editing: So close to being done
Music: In the works
Voices: Not done

Planning of " The Venom" episodes is almost done and then by then we hope to have the movie masters joker and make "Batman: Annual #1". And ALSO, later today or tomorrow I will post pictures of the Indiana Jones set and other stuff. I'll try to update more often now that summers here. And..thats about it for now.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Prologues out!

Hiya everybody! The chilling prologue to Episode 3 in our batman series is out and about so have look! Next weekend we are preparing to film episode 3 of Batman. ANNDD! All this week begins preparations and reviewing of the scripts for the written Spiderman Episodes. Once Batman catches up to spidey, its spidey time and we will come out with the much anticipated (hopefully) SPIDERMAN EPISODE 4: A SYMBIOTIC SITUATION!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Prologue up Sunday!

Woops. I totally forgot about filming it yesterday but im filming it tonight and tomorrow i will edit it and itll be up Sunday evening. Also the story board will leave early tommorow for a peek at new sets and things!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Batman Ep. 3 Prologue on tonight?

Hey Hey Hey! I think I am going to film the prologue and edit it tonight. It'll hopefully be up tonight or tomorrow. Then tomorrow me and two of my friends I work with (on ALL the animations, case you didnt know) will start the final planning for the actual episode. We are excpecting a two week release. Its going to be action PACKED. oh yea. in the new prologue you will find out if Batman survived the explosion....or perhaps he's hurt...or'll find out!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Story Board here till Tuesday!

Hey, I have posted the ORIGINAL story board we made for Batman Episode 1: Laugh Out Loud. This sneak peek will be here till Tuesday everyone. So ave' a look!

In the future...

In the future...I predict the future projects to be...:

1) Batman Episode 3 Prologue
2) Batman Episode 3: A Cold Encounter
3) Batman: Annual #1
4) Indiana Jones: The Cursed Temple of the Lions Head
5) Iron Man vs. The Iron Monger
6) Batman Episode 4: Too Many Questions
7) Spiderman Episode 4: A Symbiotic Situation

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I've got a site!

Hey everyone! I made a site! Here I will have most updates n' things and the inside scoop on projects coming soon! I will even post insiders and goofs in projects of the past and somtime original scripts. So sit back, relax, and enjoy J.W.B. and J.A.R. animations!