Sunday, June 13, 2010


Summer is almost here. Tomorrow is the last full day of school, then two half days for testing. Then I will begin work on the 'Moon' animation, set for an August release at this point. I still need to start writing it...

The correct time to start the script hasn't quite presented itself yet. It will soon I think. Timing is everything. If I start a script when the idea isn't ripe enough in my head, it begins to spoil and then I don't feel like animating it anymore. Making animations is a very delicate process.

In the mean time I started working on a short 30 second ongoing animation that should be done soon...its a new Poppet animation featuring the "The End is Nigh" Poppet. It will have a meaningful message in it somewhere.

The Moon animation will utilize something I would never touch, normally. Techno music. I have been exploring the hideous world of hypnotic computerized songs and found one I like...but the animation will mostly consist of simple free downloadable loops edited together to avoid copyright claims. If only people would share their work, always. No matter. Thats about all for now...have a nice day. ^_^