Saturday, July 25, 2009

The rest of J.W.B.'s plans for youtube RIGHT HERE!

Okay, so right now for us here at J.W.B. studios this is like...the beginning of the beginning of the end. I have written a schedule for us on youtube that will go on into next year, and end by next summer. After that I will regularly go onto youtube check up on the channel, give updates on things, occasionally post a little cartoon MAYBE here and there if I am bored. The truth is, all the good people on youtube are leaving (KowisAnimation, SM3VENOM, ect.) and it's gonna be pretty I made this plan for the rest of jwbstudios too. Don't worry guys, I still have quite a few months on youtube to go. So here is the schedule:

1. Write Script for CC episode 3
2. Release CC episode 3
3. Write and release CC episode 4
4. Amazing Spider-Man Motion comic Jameson news report
5. J.W.B. Behind the scenes
6. Amazing Spider-Man Episode 1
7. Write and release CC episode 5 (series finale)
8. Amazing Spider-Man episode 2
9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
10. Christmas Animation (Christmas Carol re-make, Nutcracker, or other vote in poll!!!)
11. Amazing Spiderman episode 3
12. Short Break
13. Amazing Spider-man episode 4
14. Amazing Spider-Man Episode 5

After this, I will take a very, very, very long break. Possibly up to two months. Then I will begin to release more Amazing Spider-Man episodes and will also begin to write stories of mine that have been in my head for a very long time. They will not be shared online for fear of idea stealers, you know who you are.

I really appretiate the LOADS of support we have gotten these past two years. It's been quite a ride. Now it's time for that last loop-dee-loop. Once again, Thanks. Also, keep subscribing!! It would be pretty awsome to become partner and get some funds for an independent film...!!!!