Friday, June 12, 2009

What's New.

Hey. I just thought I would give you all a rundown on whats going on animation wise, so yall know whats with what and progress and all that. I am currently animating part 1 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which i hope to get out this month, or early July. Then I believe I am doing the next batman episode, and then I PRAY to be able to finish the long overdue Amazing Fantasy #15 First Spiderman appearance animation. THEN I want to do either the next batman, or Indy which I have been animating here and there. So this is my schedule from about now, to the end of July, to August. I dont think the season finale of CC will be out by the end of the summer, that will be confirmed at a later date. But this summer I DEFINETLY hope to get Charlie, two episode minimum of CC, and the Spidey animation. So we have a pretty full schedule for the summer. SUBSCRIBE! KEEP WATCHING! There's been a slight decrease in the stop motion front with the leaving of SM3VENOM and KowisAnimations, BUT we're still here! Keep watching! We hope to still be around for awhile yet. Thats about it.