Monday, October 26, 2009

Bad news

Well my laptop with all of my stuff on it has died. I have some stuff backed up,but not all of it. It has been sent away for repair where they may erase the hard drive which means the Halloween anmation. Dont worry, I can meand it and re edit it but still, the first cut was greatness. If everything survives the repair, It will be up asap, which shouldnt be TOO long after Halloween. Sorry I am releasing a Halloween animation after Halloween, just the way the cookie crumbled. :-(


Fear not, I am already planning for Christmas and am carefully approaching a project involving Poppets, these littl creatures I found online that i hope to buy and animate. Then Christmas will pass, and February I should have my nice shiny new animation program and I can FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get back to work on Charlie and the Chocolate factory, which recently has undergone a change in style. It will look MUCH darker than Burtons adaption. I will post some scary short stories of mine here soon for all to read to make up for the lack of animation. :-)