Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Todays News....

Hey everyone. Some new news is in so here goes!

1. We are buisy workin on spidey ep. 5 and hoping to make it look okay! The special effects and fighting is amazing we are just hoping the story pulls out. We are half way done with lines and sounds and then we just need music. It will definetly be released on its promised date September 26th but in the event it cannot be posted I will be sure to alert everyone.

2. The script for Dark Avenger episode 2 is done. So is the christmas animations script. And the J.W.B. animated series of batman is in the testing stages.......And indiana jones is being filmed. Lots of stuff going on. Cant wait for that break! heh....

3. The script for Dark Avenger....i predict a very good episode. Though i will warn you guys theres a scene thats exactly like the truck flipping scene in the dark knight (with the penguin different puns and vehicles) and i didnt realize it till quite recently so dont even say a thing about it. I already know. It was an accident. But the animation cant go without it so bear with me.

4. The testing stages for the batman animated series are goin good. This villain will be Two-Face. It will have a different feel than the first. Hope it turns out good!

5. The Christmas Animation has a release date of December 5-24th. We arent positive yet. Well know in November.

Hope that updated you guys some more!