Thursday, December 17, 2009


So J.W.B. Studios format is getting a MAJOR facelift. I now have an expensive and wondeful godly animation program called Toon Boom Studio 5, and a few new editing programs, and I am now awaiting the arrival of a drawing tablet to simulate paper drawing on the computer. From now on animations are going to come out MUCH faster and they are going to look much more original and better over all. There will be more music, some even original and non-soundtrack ripped, more sounds, and more ranges of voices and mine might even satisfy you audiance members because apparently people are saying its changed.

My new project is called "The Air Pirates" and features the darkly comical battle between an two old pirate captains, one human one robotic, and these pirate captains do not captain an ordincary crew. They captain a crew of helicopter riding bandits that rob the jewels and money of rich party goers in flying "blimp yachts". They fight, the "Air Police" gets involved and a chase ensues. Who will win in a fight that has no "hero"? We'll find out!

During that I will be working on my after christmas christmas animatio nthat is a sequel to "The Forgotten Ornament" featuring a big ornament named, you guessed it, Big Blue. Instead of being left in the box off the tree before christmas, he is tossed outside ON the tree AFTER christmas and Big Blue must battle the outside and other challanges to get back to the ornament box. A heartwarming tale, even if it does take place after christmas.

And After THAT I will FINALLY be animating my dream animation: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have been waiting almost TWO YEARS to do this. I will be animating the book almost line by line and word for word, taking each chapter one at a time. The characters will all have new character and set designs of my own style, and the music of the hit Tim Burton Film of the same name based on the same book, :-). Remixed, of coarse.

Thats about all of the updates I have for now...excpect MUCH MORE animation updates to follow in the comic weeks.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bad news

Well my laptop with all of my stuff on it has died. I have some stuff backed up,but not all of it. It has been sent away for repair where they may erase the hard drive which means the Halloween anmation. Dont worry, I can meand it and re edit it but still, the first cut was greatness. If everything survives the repair, It will be up asap, which shouldnt be TOO long after Halloween. Sorry I am releasing a Halloween animation after Halloween, just the way the cookie crumbled. :-(


Fear not, I am already planning for Christmas and am carefully approaching a project involving Poppets, these littl creatures I found online that i hope to buy and animate. Then Christmas will pass, and February I should have my nice shiny new animation program and I can FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get back to work on Charlie and the Chocolate factory, which recently has undergone a change in style. It will look MUCH darker than Burtons adaption. I will post some scary short stories of mine here soon for all to read to make up for the lack of animation. :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween animation status and more:

Hey people! Halloween animation is going great! I have the music all edited, and its more than half way edited and animated. It SHOULD be up next weekend! In fact, I am animating it right now! :-) After that I will begin the EARLY EARLY planning stages of the Christmas animations, including a script for Big Blue and getting figures and such lined up for Christmas Carol. If they come out with figures for the new Jim Carrey movie consider it 100% that I will attempt to get them all and use them. If not, there is still a CHANCE I might switch to doing Nutcracker, but nothings set in stone yet. Still waiting for what I am in the mood to do. But Halloween is going good and I hope to get that new animation program for christmas and all the 2-D projects I have lined up will get done. Soooo thats about it! Thanks and remember: STAY SUBBED! :-)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Animation!

Hey everyone! I am currently working on a short Halloween animation to be released soon, I hope. I know nothing about it myself, but know it will star some creepy Halloween decorations. More updates as they come in!

Friday, September 18, 2009


We are taking a break everyone, I will release a short halloween cartoon in October and then we will take a good two to three week break before starting work on our Christmas Carol remake, then The Forgotten Ornament sequel in January, and THEN hopefully I PRAY that I will have Toon Boom, and I will begin working on my HUGE original cartoons. The First will be the first episode of a Haunted Mansion mini series, which will be based on the Disneyland/World attractions backstory. Then I will be working on a project currently titled "The Air Pirates" and then either the next motion comic, or "The Rabbit at the Corner". That is our current plan, we hope you like it. Just stick around and DONT UNSUB. Just because we havent made videos in over a week doesnt mean "oh well then I guess its an unsub then". We are just TAKING A QUICK BREAK. Just started highschool, so give us a break for trying to get used to it. Until then, STAY SUBBED and watch our old videos at Thank you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NEW Rest-of-the-year PLAN

Okay so I was filming Caped Crusader episode 3...and I decided I was having absolutely no fun doing it. I started to do some tests on paint...and I decided I was having absolutely no fun using it. So I did some research on some animation programs, because I desperately need somthing new. I am sick of batman and stop-motion, and sick of all the effort of MS paint. Finally thanks to a tip by Aaron Quinn (see the link to his channel on mine, fantastic videos!) I finally found an animation program I totally 100% want. The name? Toon Boom Studio 5. The problem? Its sort of 400 bucks, 300 when its on sale. So I asked the parents, and I am gonna save up for some of it because I feel like I should and I am gonna get it for -drum roll please- CHRISTMAS! Yay! So now because I am just sick of all the animating and want this Toon Boom so bad, I am just gonna take a nice break, get used to school once it starts up (gross!) and relax. AND I will be doing some logo work here and there if you need it. ASK FIRST. It is not guarenteed I will say yes every time. My first logo will be for Coopthecougar15 (Its almost done! Sorry its taken so long!). THEN once Thanksgiving comes, I am going to film Christmas Carol in like two or three parts, much less than the last ones, and release it asap. Then I take a quick Christmas break, get Toon Boom test it out, then January is my after-christmas christmas movie "Big Blue" the sequel to "The Forgotten Ornament". So once Christmas flashes by, I am going to be using Toon Boom for quite awhile and THEN I will get back to batman. Thanks everyone for the support and most importantly SUBSCRIBE! :-)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Out with the old.

Ok, so the jwbstudios has been cleaned up of the old suckish spiderman superman blah blah videos and have been put up on for your viewing enjoyment. Now jwbstudios looks clean, AND you get to still watch for fave old episodes!

Now jwbstudios has a new logo and will now be much better and I am going to try and take the channel much more proffesionally now. I very much so would like to become partner, and would like to create my own videos from my own ideas. So thats what I am going to do. No more spider-man is going to be made, and Caped Crusader has been shortened to 4 episodes to get it out of the way sooner. I am working on ep. 3 but things are moving slow. Could take awhile. In the meantime I am making more and more plans on what I am going to do when I get ToonBoom Studios 5 for or before Christmas. Until then, I will be going to school starting September 7th-ish and I will be just planning away. Then come Thanksgiving I will start animating Christmas Carol and have that out by December 15th-ish. Then January I will be practicing with Toon Boom and making the sequel to the forgotten ornament, Big Blue. So thats the plan. I plan on sticking with it. Enjoy it. Like it. Comment. Subscribe. :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whats happening...

Ok, so here is whats going down right now and for the rest of 2009.

1. I am going to try and get Caped Crusader Episodes 3 AND 4 out by the end of september.
2. October I want to see if I can either do a fake trailer for a "Batman: The Long Halloween" movie, or animate the jokers first appearance in Batman History, I think I will be doing the first one but both will be done eventually.
3. Once November rolls around I am going to take a nice break for about the whole month, prepping for the Christmas Animations along the way. BIG STUFF planned.
4. December I am going to begin filming Christmas Carol using some of the same sets only fixed up, and using new sets. I am going to TRY and make it in three to four parts. Will be all be released BEFORE Christmas.
5. For or before Christmas I hope to get an animation program called TOON BOOM STUDIO that is the best ever and will make animating 50,000 times easier, so I will take a small break to fiddle with that, PERHAPS releasing tests.
6. January I will make my sequel to The Forgotten Ornament that takes place AFTER christmas, so it fits. lol. It's called "Big Blue"
7. Hopefully by the end of January or early febuary I will release the big SERIES FINALE of Caped Crusader.
8. After all of this is complete, I will be switching to full time Toon Boom stuff of my own creation. I am hoping this will also help with the motion comics, so the series may have the possibilty of being revived but chances are slight. I am definetly planning on animating jokers first appearance in comics though.
9. I plan on animating many of my stories using Toon Boom Studio 5 in the future. I MIGHT open a new account for them specifically and try and get them noticed.

P.S. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is post poned until I get Toon Boom Studio.

That is my official plan and I PLAN on sticking to it. If you have any questions comments or complaints message or comment though youtube. Thank you and PLEASE subscribe. I really, REALLY, appretiate it. I noticed some unsubs, please dont do it. I really want to become a Partner soon to help fund animations to make them even BETTER. Thanks.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Plans Change

Okay so here is whats going down with the animation schedule.

The Motion Comic series is CANCELLED. Okee? Good. Here is what I am going to be doing from here on in.


I am going to finich Caped Crusader while switching to cartoon paint animations of my OWN. That ME thought of. So the next thing coming out is a short to and half minute animation of mine called "The Teleporter". It will be out later today, I hope. Next I MIGHT start Caped Crusader, but pobably not as I have alot of ideas that I would like to animate. I am also working on getting -drum roll please- FLASH ANIMATION PROGRAM to make my life much much much easier. Though it is pretty hard trying to find a good cheaper version of it. If anyone knows a link to a buyable Flash 8 let me know. Alright...I think thats about it...seeya!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Cartoon Network and other things.

HELLO. I have some very sad news.
Cartoon Network has officially turned to garbage. I never, ever, even in the bakc of my mind at any point in my life EVER imaged CARTOON NETWORK to EVERR (!!!) Broadcast...LIVE ACTION SHOWS. that SUCK! I mean, I would be fine if wasl ive action with cartoons MIXED in. But this stuff? TRASH. Absolute garbage. What happened to you Cartoon Network? What happened? The FANTASTIC olden days of Dextars Lab and Samurai Jack have vanished without a trace and have been replaced by...TRASH! STUPID kids looking for ghosts! NO! I mean, ghosts are cool, I am a semi-believer, BUT THIS ISNT LEGIT! Its just kids going into a basement hearing normal bumps and sounds! Its INSANE! I despise. Absolutely DESPISE the new Cartoon Network. What. the. HELL?!! CARTOON. Thats the big word in the CHANNEL's NAME!!!! Not REAL. CARTOON!!!!!!!!!!! I am so angry with this channel. I have not even so much as LOOKED at the channel in weeks. I am disgusted. Bad move cartoon network. very, VERY, VERRYYY BAD move. Nick too, I mean, I think that channel made a wrather good transition into sitcoms and live action. It ALWAYS had live action. But man, now its BAD. You cant turn that channel on without seeing Spongebob or iCarly. Thats ALL they play. What about the OLD SHOWS?!!? Legends of the Hidden Temple, Finders Keepers, All That. PLEASE! ANYTHING ELSE! T.V. SUCKS right now. I cant stand it. Disney Channel. I expect better, but of the three they are doing the best to me right now. At least they somewhat DIVERSIFY! I mean, that Wizards of Waverly place is really pushing it but man. Nick and Cartoon Network...where have you gone...

R.I.P. Cartoon Network.

P.S. I am now supporting this anti real life show thing for Cartoon Network. I posted the support pic. Look it up. Its on youtube.

ALSO...I might be changing ALOT of stuff in my animation schedule. Maybe even a....cancellation. I am so sorry. But my brain is just...too stressed for all that stuff. I need some relief.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The rest of J.W.B.'s plans for youtube RIGHT HERE!

Okay, so right now for us here at J.W.B. studios this is like...the beginning of the beginning of the end. I have written a schedule for us on youtube that will go on into next year, and end by next summer. After that I will regularly go onto youtube check up on the channel, give updates on things, occasionally post a little cartoon MAYBE here and there if I am bored. The truth is, all the good people on youtube are leaving (KowisAnimation, SM3VENOM, ect.) and it's gonna be pretty I made this plan for the rest of jwbstudios too. Don't worry guys, I still have quite a few months on youtube to go. So here is the schedule:

1. Write Script for CC episode 3
2. Release CC episode 3
3. Write and release CC episode 4
4. Amazing Spider-Man Motion comic Jameson news report
5. J.W.B. Behind the scenes
6. Amazing Spider-Man Episode 1
7. Write and release CC episode 5 (series finale)
8. Amazing Spider-Man episode 2
9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
10. Christmas Animation (Christmas Carol re-make, Nutcracker, or other vote in poll!!!)
11. Amazing Spiderman episode 3
12. Short Break
13. Amazing Spider-man episode 4
14. Amazing Spider-Man Episode 5

After this, I will take a very, very, very long break. Possibly up to two months. Then I will begin to release more Amazing Spider-Man episodes and will also begin to write stories of mine that have been in my head for a very long time. They will not be shared online for fear of idea stealers, you know who you are.

I really appretiate the LOADS of support we have gotten these past two years. It's been quite a ride. Now it's time for that last loop-dee-loop. Once again, Thanks. Also, keep subscribing!! It would be pretty awsome to become partner and get some funds for an independent film...!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay everyone, theres a big change coming to J.W.B. Studios. Spider-Man, the stop-motion series is currently cancelled. There MAY be a finale Movie of it in the works involving the Sinister Six, BUT it is not official!! TAKING THE PLACE OF THE STOP-MOTION SERIES WILL BE: The Amazing Spiderman Motion Comic Series, which will be THE ORIGINAL comics in their original form animated exactly like the up coming Amazing Fantasy animating which will be considered the pilot if it is successful. There is an UNOFFICIAL episode name list below, as on the jwbstudios Channel, link above. ALSO there is a POLL!!! VOTE ON IT! We NEED your opinions on this. It will be out until a week after Amazing Fantasy is released, which is DAYS away. Thanks so much for all of your support, keep subscribing, and enjoy.

P.S. Old J.W.B. animations that got taken down will be re-uploaded in the coming weeks with fixed music!!

The Amazing Spider-Man Motion Comic Series

Season One Episode Titles:

-Amazing Fantasy #15 (Pilot/beginnning of series movie)

1. The Chameleon Strikes!

2. Duel to the Death with the Vulture!

3. The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer!

4. The Strangest Foe of All Time: Doctor Octopus!

5. The Strangest Foe of All Time: Doctor Octopus! (Part 2/Finale)

So Vote, send me messages, comment my channel, ANYTHING to give me YOUR opinion!!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


1. Peter (many lines!)
2. Theres a teen (have a bit of a newyorker old fashioned voice)
3. Two reporters (sound demanding, inquistive)
4. a guy in a the audiance after the fight with crusher (very astounded, amazed, bit of an old voice)
5. two scientists (sound smart! Theres a line where there sort of laughing too, you could try that)
6. two girls!!! (gotta sound like a 50's teen, one line praises flash very end of the world like "oh the flash!" yadda yadda. Theres another line where one is basically like "buzz off" to pete.
7. Spidey's Agent Guy (needs a good older-voice! No kiddy!)
8. Crusher Hogan (sounds hefty, circus body builder-like)
9. Two Cops (NEW YORKER! OLDER!)
10. Stage Hand (amazed, astounded voice)
11. Flash!! (your typical 50's esque football bully macho guy voice)

Friday, June 12, 2009

What's New.

Hey. I just thought I would give you all a rundown on whats going on animation wise, so yall know whats with what and progress and all that. I am currently animating part 1 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which i hope to get out this month, or early July. Then I believe I am doing the next batman episode, and then I PRAY to be able to finish the long overdue Amazing Fantasy #15 First Spiderman appearance animation. THEN I want to do either the next batman, or Indy which I have been animating here and there. So this is my schedule from about now, to the end of July, to August. I dont think the season finale of CC will be out by the end of the summer, that will be confirmed at a later date. But this summer I DEFINETLY hope to get Charlie, two episode minimum of CC, and the Spidey animation. So we have a pretty full schedule for the summer. SUBSCRIBE! KEEP WATCHING! There's been a slight decrease in the stop motion front with the leaving of SM3VENOM and KowisAnimations, BUT we're still here! Keep watching! We hope to still be around for awhile yet. Thats about it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey everyone!! I am so glad you all like the new series!!!! We are getting great reception and I myself am extremely satisfied with it so far. I hope to soon hold auditions (for batman specifically because my batman voice sucks, lol) soon. Possibly even next episode, but nothing is totally official yet but if you have been looking to audition be on the lookout for opening parts. OUR SCHEDULE:
Over the summer we hope to release quite a few animations. Here is the complete list of what we hope to accomplish:

(The following is in the order we hope to do it but is not currently official as of yet)

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (part one)
2. Caped Crusader episode 3
3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Lions head
4. Caped Crusader episode 4
5. A Short yet to be named Star Wars animation
6. Caped Crusader episode 5 (season finale) (Movie Masters Joker!!)
7. Spiderman Comic Animation (in the works for almost a year. Very hard, I will be working on this inbetween all the projects and hope to be done last, You can see a sneek peek pic down below, I am animating Amazing Fantasy 15's first Spidey appearance)

So that's our summer schedule! If you have any disagreements, questions, or concerns just message me or leave a comment on my channel by clicking the link at the top of the page. That's about it for now! I am also planning to update this site alot more. I will tell you when it is updated on my channel. Thanks guys for all your support and kind words, and also, Subscribe!! I want to be partner so I can get paid and get some more figures for the animations!! Every subscription counts!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pics are Up!!

Hey. The pictures of some of the new sets are up!! I didn't include the batcave because I wanted at least ONE set to be a will see it in CC ep.1. Enjoy!! Leave a comment on my youtube page on what you think of the sets. Some of them look mega cheap but they don't have the proper lighting. Lighting changes everything!! You will see the sets in their best form in the actual stop motion episodes.


Ok. So. I have new laptop, working new camera, and all the figures I need for the next season of both series's. So...this weekend I begin filming Caped Crusader Episode 1. We will be using the Movie Masters figures and various wrestler gangsters in the episode. No main batman rogues gallery villains are in episode one but Riddler is in ep. 2. We will be using the Hush Riddler figure. Tonight I will be posting pictures of all the new sets. This includes the all new Batcave, Arkham cell, Iceberg Lounge set, City street set, And the additions made to the Gotham sqaure set. This is it folks! The animations will be coming soon!! So tonight I am going to have pics posted here, I start filming this weekend, and I hope to have episode 1 out by the weekend after that. Thank you all for all of your support and for styaing subscribed and staying fans and all o' that jazz. Please subscribe!! We would really like to reach partner eventually! Help us get there! Watch our vids, you like em' SUB!!! Thanks so much.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

J.W.B. is back in business!!!

Hya Everyone!! As you may have read on our youtube page, I am getting my dads old laptop!!! This means we can make new videos again!! Yay!!! So if you are looking for some official plans, this is where to find them from now on. Here is what we have planned out for ALL of our videos right now.

1) Caped Crusader Episode 1 will be re-filmed and uploaded to youtube first
2) The Season Premier of Spiderman Season 2 will be next. The villain: Sandman. Hopefully it will be out quickly if the weather is nice enough for outside shots
3) Indiana Jones, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the completion of the Motion Comic Cartoon are all set to be done over the summer.

That's about everything we have planned right now. We hope you guys will stick around and continue to enjoy our vidoes. Please subscribe!!! It's a goal of ours to become partner!!! Help us to achieve this!! Thanks!!!