Monday, June 23, 2008

Batman Episode 3 is up!!

It is up on youtube everyone! Have a look on my youtube page. And a new poll is available to vote on. Today i am updating the site with exclusive pics of the Indiana Jones set and other things including behind the scenes funnies. And videos will be coming out MUCH faster because we have a new system of making vids (procedure). For the record, we used this new method for episode 3 of batman and it was actually filmed and completed in TWO DAYS! The whole 7:40 minutes was done in two days. Next video to be made is Spiderman Episode 4: A Symbiotic Situation. Then Batman Ep. 4: Too Many Questions featuring the Riddler! We hope to finish season 1 of both series's before school starts again. Dont forget to vote on the new poll. your opinion counts!

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