Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hey, hi, howdy, everyone! I have a couple of HUUUGGEE updates...

1. Once season 1 of all our series's are finished...we are taking an extended leave of one to two months....becuase making animations, believe it or not, are really hard to make good at the pace we are moving once its all done....we will be POOPED! And plus school will be starting up and blah blah blah, and i am also a bit of a story writer and i havent been able to write a real story in about a year (since we took up the animation business) and i really need some time to get some of my made up ideas on paper...and perhaps animated...but thats a different story...
2. When we come back, series's won't start right away...we will release some sort of preview for both and then we will kick it all off with Iron Man, Indiana Jones, and the Annual, but we think itll be released earlier than that. Perhaps our last animation before the break...And we wont be able to use the movie masters joker because they are so expensive and they are being recalled....So we are using the joker figure from the Long Halloween. I have a poll about what you guys think about that so feel free to vote. Your opinion matters greatly.
3. I have got a SUPER secret animation in the making as I speak...and i think it'll blow you guys'll be coming out in a month or so...It's a good one...and its REALLY hard to do so yea...its's good...I am definatly releasing a preview of it.
4. When we take our break we won't totally detach from youtube. I'll still check up on it. It's not like im not logging into the account at don't anyone be worried or anything. And Batman Episode 4 is also in the works...heres the task list:

Batman Episode 4:
Script: almost done
Filming: not started
Voices: not started
Music: not started

Its not really as far along as I just though but its coming along pretty good. I hope to release it in one to two weeks.

Well thats about it for now folks...lotta good stuff coming along...hope you all enjoy and OH!
I forgot to say...we have a goal to reach 100 subscribers by the end of summer so help us out and....



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