Friday, September 5, 2008


Hey guys. It's been awhile so theres lots of stuff to say. First. The official release date of Episode 5 of spiderman is September 26th which is, as a few fans may or may not know, the anniversery of episode one. Wow! A year for five animations! yeesh. Well it's been worth it i suppose along with batman...speaking of which! I think possibly maybe Dark Avenger Episode 2 will be released October 22nd, the anniversery of Batman Episode 1. BUT! If it isnt done by then I will put pop up revealing mistakes and behind the scenes talk for one week using the popup thing on youtube on that date. Next order of business. Movie Masters Joker came! He's awsome! Definetly expect him as a...REPLACEMENT moohahahahaaa (you'll find out later on). Next....OH YEAH! Theres a cartoon out. It's a complintary series to Dark Avenger. Watch it! PLEASE! Vote in the poll right there. I need to know if its worth continuing. AND FINALLY: I know its awhile away, but Novembers right after October and Christmas Seasons gonna PLEASE when the times right check out our rendition of Christmas Carol. It needs the viewer help and its really quite good when your in the christmas spirit. And this december i am releasing another Christmas Special about a forgotten ornament. Please check that out when it comes around. And Iron Man is shevled and Indiana Jones has to be done next summer because its already getting sort of chilly out here. not the sort of weather Indiana is usually seen in. I think thats about it for now. Until next update, SUBSCRIBE!!! -J.W.B.

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