Thursday, October 9, 2008

Latest Updates

1. Batman Dark Avenger Episode 2 is in "pre-production" stages. We are working out the script bugs and what not. It will be out by December hopefully.

2. That "SECRET ANIMATION" I have been working so hard on for awhile now is set to come out somtime in November. I am still thinking weather i want to reveal what it is yet or if I should in the POLL >>>>>

3. The Christmas Animation is also being somewhat worked out as Christmas draws ever so closer. I am hoping its going to be good. It may include a BONUS ANIMATION after the credits featuring "The Zoo Animals" sing the chipmunk song. "The Zoo Animals" if you havent realized by now are those little animal statues in nearly all the animations. Vote if you want it in the POLL>>>>>

4. This January I will be animating the story "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" for my cousin and myself. It will be based on the book and the movie by Tim Burton which is based on the book. :-). As of now I wont be uploading it, but if you want me to upload it VOTE IN THE POLL>>>>>>>>

5. I moved the Gotham set to the corner of the room its usually in, and i also cut it into a smaller size so it doesnt take up as much space as it did, so PLEASE, no dumb comments speculating it next time the change is in a video. I purposely put little easter eggs in most videos, but dont go that in depth with it.

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