Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Night

I am in space for 30 seconds at a time on Summer Nights. Floating. Flipping. Turning. Twirling. All in slow motion. Space. Outer space. Then the feeling begins to wane. I push it, the mirror surface wripples...then I am above the water of the pool, gasping for air. I love swimming on summer nights. I watch the blurry sparkling stars without my glasses on. The sky is a television, light images from the past coming to our eyes. It takes a long time for light from the stars to reach Earth. Such a strange place.

I float around some more. The blue light was on, making waves of blue move around on the pool floor. This makes me more excited for the arrival of Master Blue poppet. I can ask him about the blue light and how it works. I assume he know much about all that is blue. I think I will ask him first about the sky.

Before I went in the pool I lit the tiki torches and bug fires, and read Neil Gaimans "Neverwhere" by candle light. It was very peaceful but mosquitos kept invading despite the candles...I get the feeling often that they don't even work...

Well, either way, it was nice. I enjoyed it. I rescued a cricket that was drowning in the pool...but when I put him down I went to put my glasses on (they were already off, I was ready to go in) and he was gone....I get the feeling he will pay me back in the future in one way or another. I'll post when I think the debt has been paid.

After the pool I sat for awhile and just watched the sky...waited for a few stars to become present. Then I went inside, got pajamas on. Mind is clear, headaches gone, time to relax further and watch a movie with some popcorn and iced tea. Tonight has been my ideal Summer Night.

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