Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hey everyone. Umm...I have a few announcements, and questions for you guys. First of all. I am going a little crazy. What I dont like is...we arent really "On our feet". We three here at J.W.B. Studios have no idea where we are at video wise. What desperately would like is a small cozy action packed series I can work on whenever I want and its all cool, wrather than using up ALL of our energy to make one big thing which is what DA is. And we have made a few mistakes DA wise. So heres what the plan is right now. DA is only going to be three to four episodes. Then we are going to end it with a two part 20 minute movie featuring the Movie Masters Joker. Then its gone. Then after that series is gone I want to start fresh with a series using the "The Batman" figures. Now, what about spiderman? Well I have a feeling Spidey is going to sink soon. I have really lost my taste for spidey right now. So I think it will be semi-cancelled soon and will be replaced with the J.W.B. Motion comics. This is the ORIGINAL spidey comics but we ANIMATE it. bubbles are gone, mouths move, things move, ect. So now it will soon be "The J.W.B. The Batman Series" (working title) and "The Amazing Spiderman Motion Comics" series. I see this solution as "the light at the end of the tunnel" and I want to get there ASAP. Like....Before next summer I want episode 1 of the new series out. So as of now, we are trying to get started on DA ep. 2 and are working diligently on the first Motion Comic. I hope you all understand our predicament. Please PLEASE PLEASE!!! Vote on what you think. I truely need to know. Thanks.

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