Sunday, April 5, 2009

J.W.B. is back in business!!!

Hya Everyone!! As you may have read on our youtube page, I am getting my dads old laptop!!! This means we can make new videos again!! Yay!!! So if you are looking for some official plans, this is where to find them from now on. Here is what we have planned out for ALL of our videos right now.

1) Caped Crusader Episode 1 will be re-filmed and uploaded to youtube first
2) The Season Premier of Spiderman Season 2 will be next. The villain: Sandman. Hopefully it will be out quickly if the weather is nice enough for outside shots
3) Indiana Jones, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the completion of the Motion Comic Cartoon are all set to be done over the summer.

That's about everything we have planned right now. We hope you guys will stick around and continue to enjoy our vidoes. Please subscribe!!! It's a goal of ours to become partner!!! Help us to achieve this!! Thanks!!!

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