Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok. So. I have new laptop, working new camera, and all the figures I need for the next season of both series's. So...this weekend I begin filming Caped Crusader Episode 1. We will be using the Movie Masters figures and various wrestler gangsters in the episode. No main batman rogues gallery villains are in episode one but Riddler is in ep. 2. We will be using the Hush Riddler figure. Tonight I will be posting pictures of all the new sets. This includes the all new Batcave, Arkham cell, Iceberg Lounge set, City street set, And the additions made to the Gotham sqaure set. This is it folks! The animations will be coming soon!! So tonight I am going to have pics posted here, I start filming this weekend, and I hope to have episode 1 out by the weekend after that. Thank you all for all of your support and for styaing subscribed and staying fans and all o' that jazz. Please subscribe!! We would really like to reach partner eventually! Help us get there! Watch our vids, you like em' SUB!!! Thanks so much.


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