Friday, August 21, 2009

Out with the old.

Ok, so the jwbstudios has been cleaned up of the old suckish spiderman superman blah blah videos and have been put up on for your viewing enjoyment. Now jwbstudios looks clean, AND you get to still watch for fave old episodes!

Now jwbstudios has a new logo and will now be much better and I am going to try and take the channel much more proffesionally now. I very much so would like to become partner, and would like to create my own videos from my own ideas. So thats what I am going to do. No more spider-man is going to be made, and Caped Crusader has been shortened to 4 episodes to get it out of the way sooner. I am working on ep. 3 but things are moving slow. Could take awhile. In the meantime I am making more and more plans on what I am going to do when I get ToonBoom Studios 5 for or before Christmas. Until then, I will be going to school starting September 7th-ish and I will be just planning away. Then come Thanksgiving I will start animating Christmas Carol and have that out by December 15th-ish. Then January I will be practicing with Toon Boom and making the sequel to the forgotten ornament, Big Blue. So thats the plan. I plan on sticking with it. Enjoy it. Like it. Comment. Subscribe. :-)

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