Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whats happening...

Ok, so here is whats going down right now and for the rest of 2009.

1. I am going to try and get Caped Crusader Episodes 3 AND 4 out by the end of september.
2. October I want to see if I can either do a fake trailer for a "Batman: The Long Halloween" movie, or animate the jokers first appearance in Batman History, I think I will be doing the first one but both will be done eventually.
3. Once November rolls around I am going to take a nice break for about the whole month, prepping for the Christmas Animations along the way. BIG STUFF planned.
4. December I am going to begin filming Christmas Carol using some of the same sets only fixed up, and using new sets. I am going to TRY and make it in three to four parts. Will be all be released BEFORE Christmas.
5. For or before Christmas I hope to get an animation program called TOON BOOM STUDIO that is the best ever and will make animating 50,000 times easier, so I will take a small break to fiddle with that, PERHAPS releasing tests.
6. January I will make my sequel to The Forgotten Ornament that takes place AFTER christmas, so it fits. lol. It's called "Big Blue"
7. Hopefully by the end of January or early febuary I will release the big SERIES FINALE of Caped Crusader.
8. After all of this is complete, I will be switching to full time Toon Boom stuff of my own creation. I am hoping this will also help with the motion comics, so the series may have the possibilty of being revived but chances are slight. I am definetly planning on animating jokers first appearance in comics though.
9. I plan on animating many of my stories using Toon Boom Studio 5 in the future. I MIGHT open a new account for them specifically and try and get them noticed.

P.S. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is post poned until I get Toon Boom Studio.

That is my official plan and I PLAN on sticking to it. If you have any questions comments or complaints message or comment though youtube. Thank you and PLEASE subscribe. I really, REALLY, appretiate it. I noticed some unsubs, please dont do it. I really want to become a Partner soon to help fund animations to make them even BETTER. Thanks.

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