Sunday, August 9, 2009

Plans Change

Okay so here is whats going down with the animation schedule.

The Motion Comic series is CANCELLED. Okee? Good. Here is what I am going to be doing from here on in.


I am going to finich Caped Crusader while switching to cartoon paint animations of my OWN. That ME thought of. So the next thing coming out is a short to and half minute animation of mine called "The Teleporter". It will be out later today, I hope. Next I MIGHT start Caped Crusader, but pobably not as I have alot of ideas that I would like to animate. I am also working on getting -drum roll please- FLASH ANIMATION PROGRAM to make my life much much much easier. Though it is pretty hard trying to find a good cheaper version of it. If anyone knows a link to a buyable Flash 8 let me know. Alright...I think thats about it...seeya!

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