Thursday, December 17, 2009


So J.W.B. Studios format is getting a MAJOR facelift. I now have an expensive and wondeful godly animation program called Toon Boom Studio 5, and a few new editing programs, and I am now awaiting the arrival of a drawing tablet to simulate paper drawing on the computer. From now on animations are going to come out MUCH faster and they are going to look much more original and better over all. There will be more music, some even original and non-soundtrack ripped, more sounds, and more ranges of voices and mine might even satisfy you audiance members because apparently people are saying its changed.

My new project is called "The Air Pirates" and features the darkly comical battle between an two old pirate captains, one human one robotic, and these pirate captains do not captain an ordincary crew. They captain a crew of helicopter riding bandits that rob the jewels and money of rich party goers in flying "blimp yachts". They fight, the "Air Police" gets involved and a chase ensues. Who will win in a fight that has no "hero"? We'll find out!

During that I will be working on my after christmas christmas animatio nthat is a sequel to "The Forgotten Ornament" featuring a big ornament named, you guessed it, Big Blue. Instead of being left in the box off the tree before christmas, he is tossed outside ON the tree AFTER christmas and Big Blue must battle the outside and other challanges to get back to the ornament box. A heartwarming tale, even if it does take place after christmas.

And After THAT I will FINALLY be animating my dream animation: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have been waiting almost TWO YEARS to do this. I will be animating the book almost line by line and word for word, taking each chapter one at a time. The characters will all have new character and set designs of my own style, and the music of the hit Tim Burton Film of the same name based on the same book, :-). Remixed, of coarse.

Thats about all of the updates I have for now...excpect MUCH MORE animation updates to follow in the comic weeks.

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