Friday, January 22, 2010

THE AIR PIRATES: Status Update

Hey everyone, My VERY FIRST animation using Toon Boom Studio 5 entitled "The Air Pirates" will be out in approximately one week. Yes everyone ONE WEEK. It will include more sound effects than any other animation I have done, more dynamics, better animation over all, my first walk cycle which isnt amazing but usable, LOTS of planes flying around and hopefully a good finale. The finale shots are really the last that need to be animated currently, MANY of the sound effects are in place and my lines are nearly done. So sit tight everyone, the Air Pirates is honing in on a release. Once this ones out animations will hopefully be shooting out much faster. I know theres been WAY too many long intervals between animations recently, and since the beginning of my account, Really. This is set to change, ESPECIALLY over the summer. Stay subbed, keep subbing, and be prepared for a totally new type of J.W.B. cartoon!

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